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DJ Geraldine has been involved in the underground music scene in London for many years. Initially a raver with political commitment, inspired by the festivals and parties of the early 90s, she moved to London in '94. The diverse and exciting atmosphere of mid-nineties dance music loving political London motivated her and she began promoting and arranging underground parties in London, mainly to raise money for various community and political projects. In this environment, with electronic music, labels and events rapidly developing she began experimenting, mixing techno and electronic dance music at parties and clubs.

She has played at underground events ,festivals and organised club nights, across Europe in Portugal, Amsterdam ,Czech Republic , Poland, Italy, Spain and Sardinia as well as in Brazil and across London, in venues such as the Fridge, Heaven, 414, The Jamm and Corsica Studios and for seminal underground sound systems, such as Malfeituers, Restless Natives and Manic Sound System.

Her style is broad but could be described as, deep, hypnotic, tribal and funky techno, sometimes warm, sometimes hard, with touches of electronica and crazy acid sounds. Her set can typically comprise of a beginning of funky, deep, electronic sounds building to more epic hard techno with moments of pure techno acidy grooves and tribal mayhem.

Under her monika 'Madame GeGe' she regularly plays a funky fierce drum and bass set for systems such as Reknaw and an electro/acid/techno/wonky set for nights like Club Neurotica. Occasionally a more eclectic lounge style set comprising of low-fi ,electronica, reggae and hiphop for festivals is called for.

Her work is constantly informed by a diverse knowledge and love of all music genres. In the last ten years Geraldine has co- produced - Working with Henry Cullen (Apex/Hydraulix), Rob Stowe (Gravitation), and Guy McAffer (RAW). She has had some greatly received releases on BodyArtForm, Max/Minium,, RAW (no.33)., Bound records, Apex, Hydraulix and TechnoPassion . She has studied music technology extensively and now works as a DJ and Music technology instructor, working with local councils, circuses and arts organisations all across Greater London, exploring contemporary music on all levels.

Somehow she still finds time to love to party- her first loveā€¦..

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